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KMI, Inc. is an established full-line distributor of precision metrology solutions, providing a full spectrum of measurement technologies for improving productivity and reducing cost in manufacturing.

Through our comprehensive range of measurement products, experienced staff and superior customer service, Karr Metrology Instruments aims to provide innovative solutions of exceptional quality and performance.  For all your gauging (gaging), inspection, repair and calibration requirements, turn to Karr Metrology Instruments.

Your full line measuring equipment supplier.


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Surface Metrology

Whether you require a precision mobile unit for the shop floor or a high performance unit for inspection room or laboratory Karr Metrology is ready to help you choose the right measuring instrument for Surface Roughness, and Contour/Form evaluation.

Manufactures Represented: Phase II, Mitutoyo, Mahr

Granite Products

Karr Metrology offers a complete range of granite metrology equipment, including Surface Plates, Master Square, Master Angle, Angle Plate, Parallels, V-Blocks, and Bench Comparators.

Manufactures Represented: Starrett, SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments), Challenge

Thread ? Cylindrical Gaging (Gauging)

Karr Metrology is your complete source for precision fixed limit gaging products including GO/NOGO, Plain Plug Gages, Pin Gage Sets and Libraries, Plain Ring Gages, Master Setting Discs, Thread Plug Gages, Thread Ring Gages, Pipe Thread Gages, and Acme Thread Gages.

Manufactures Represented: Vermont Gage, Hemco Gages, GSG Gage 


Karr Metrology provides a full line of innovative workholding products, including Pallet Fixtures, Angle Plates, Sine Plates, Index Fixtures, V-Blocks, Straight Edge, Parallels,
1-2-3 Blocks and Bench Centers.

Manufactures Represented: Suburban, TECO


Calibration Instuments

Calibration, in its purest sense, is the comparison of an instrument to a known standard. Karr Metrology supplies calibration instruments that ensure your measuring device performs accurately. Instruments include Caliper Master, Gage Blocks, Micrometer Master, Depth Micrometer Master, Z-Axis Check Master, and Universal Length Measuring Instruments.

Manufacturers Represented: GSG Gage, Mitutoyo, Starrett

CMM Accessories

The Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) are vital to the Manufacturing Industry to validate dimensional integrity. Karr Metrology supplies replacement Probes, Styli and Fixture Components.


Manufactures Represented: Carbide Probes, TeCo, R & R Sales and Engineering, Renishaw

Force & Torque Measurements

Force and torque measurements not only help assess and ensure product quality but also product safety.  Instruments include Mechanical Force Gauges, Digital Force Gauges, Spring Testers, Test Stands, Torque Wrenches and Torque Testers.

Manufacturers Represented: Imada, Mark-10, Chatillion, CDI Torque Products

Hardness Testers

Karr Metrology supplies a comprehensive range of hardness testers and accessories to meet the requirements of various materials and applications including Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial, Vickers, and Brinell for your hard materials, Rebound and Ultrasonic where portability is required and Durometers for softer rubbers and plastics.  If you have hardness testing requirements, Karr Metrology has a solution for you.

Manufactures Represented: Sun-Tec, Phase II, Mitutoyo, Fowler

Internal& External Diameter Gages

Custom & Stock Production Gauges for Precision Bores, Shallow Diameters, Grooves, and special applications.

Manufactures Represented: Western Gage Corp., Mueller, Mahr, Dyer, Diatest

Optical Measuring

Optical measurement is a non-contact technique that measures parts with dimensions and shapes that would be hard to measure with regular tools. Karr Metrology offers optical instruments such as Borescopes, Microscopes, Optical Comparators, and Vision Systems.

Manufactures Represented: Suburban, Titan, S-T Industries

Precision Hand Tools

Karr Metrology offers a full range of Precision Hand Tools including Calipers, Bore Gages, Dial, Digital & Test Indicators, Depth Gages, Electronic Length Measuring Instruments, and Height Gages.

Manufactures Represented: Starrett, Mitutoyo, SPI, Mahr, Fowler, Brown & Sharpe